Friday, February 28, 2014

Farewell, 705.

Today was a big day.  Carter is officially 6 months old.  HALF A YEAR, Y'ALL.

But that actually plays second fiddle to the bigger news of the day: closing on the house.  We are excited to finally jump into the pool of home ownership but we are definitely sad to be leaving our current digs.

I moved into this house back in 2008 with my good friend, Bryna.  We moved in knowing we'd only have 6 months to love this place, as the landlord was planning to raze the entire block to put up million dollar brownstones.

Economy tanks, project falls through and our home was left standing.  Two roommates and a wedding later, Nick moved in when we got married in 2010. (Let's not forget the foreclosure notice on the front door weeks before the wedding that led to a new landlord, with whom we went nearly 4 years without any type of legal documentation of our living in the house.) Now it's 2014 and I'm flooded with memories.

We brought Carter home from the hospital to this place.

 We've had 5 epic Halloween parties here.

Police and SWAT teams have surrounded our house (twice).  We've had countless friends and family members over for meals and game nights.  We've held Bible Study here and prayed for our City in this place.

I spent countless (i.e. 9) months, sick in our bedroom, as our little dude grew in my belly.

We danced almost every night in the kitchen to the Motown channel on Pandora as we cooked dinner together.  We put a new concrete skim coat on the counters in the kitchen among countless other cheap (or free face) lifts.  If I total up the number of times I've painted in this house, we're looking north of 15 times.  God bless my husband.

We love this house.  We are going to miss it tremendously.  But the adventure before us is grand.   Oh's going to be fun.

So before we officially close the chapter on this place, we took a house tour video to show Carter one day.

For you nosey folks like me, I thought I'd share.  Remember, it's narrated with the intent of sharing with Carter one day, so don't judge my weird voice.  (Full disclosure: my voice is just strange.  I'm blaming this on talking to the baby but I sound like a nasally valley girl 90% of the time.  I'll own it.)  It's 6 minutes long so don't say I didn't warn you.

We'll miss you, 705.