Sunday, June 29, 2014

I swear I do things other than StitchFix.

I realize it might seem like all I do these days is order clothes via the internet and have fashion shows with my iPhone.

Let me assure, you...I WISH that were all I'd been up to.  I'll be posting soon about the bedroom renovation we just knocked out for my sister and our new brother in law.  They're currently honeymooning it up in St. Lucia and I'm sitting at a 50 year old built in desk that smells slightly geriatric and pushing the hair I haven't washed in four days out of my grill piece.  Oh look, there's a cheerio in my hair.

Trust me: my life is not as glamorous as you might think.

But I'll tell you...Stitch Fix is fun and it makes me feel like I still have some semblance of class.  And you guys, this box was ON POINT.  As in, I'm keeping all five items.  (PROBABLY.  Unless there's some grand decree from the six of you that read this that I look ridiculous in one of the items.  In which case, I may have already decided to keep everything and it might get really awkward when I run into you at the Harris Teeter and you have to pretend you like my threads.  Look, I tried to warn you.)

Here's the important part that you should know about the success of this installment fix: I requested the same stylist as last time.  If you remember my last review, I remarked that some continuity with stylists would help us build a relationship.  A wardrobe romance, if you will.   So I asked for Blake again and she and I got to know each other.  We follow each other on Instagram (her kids are beauties!) and we've emailed a little bit.  We're pretty much virtually braiding each other's hair, we're such besties.  So I think that helped tremendously.  It's important to mention though, everything she sent was still a surprise.  There was no "do you like this shirt?" or "can you jam out with this necklace?"  But in our various interactions (Pinterest being key), she was able to see into the depths of my soul.  But in a less creepy way than I'm making it sound.

On to the goods.

Kensie Jeans: Sophie Distressed Skinny Jean- $88

Let's get this out of the way since they're in every picture you're about to see.  The idea of going jeans shopping to dress my post-baby bod gives me the heeby jeebies.  I am TOTALLY okay with the fact that my hips BC (Before Carter) are gone and never coming back.  My body is different now, and I'm fine with that.  But dressing my new hips, specifically with jeans, seemed like a nightmare.  And full disclosure: I still wear maternity jeans.  Not the full front panel kind, but the elastic waist kind.  Because seriously, if you were given the option of wearing elastic pants that looked like regular people not front and pretend you wouldn't do it, too.

Confession aside, I'm fully aware that it is in my best interest to rejoin the non-pregnant world (given that my son is ten months old) and put on my big girl pants again.  These jeans are distressed, and the first thing I thought when I pulled them out of the box was "which curmudgeon relative of mine is going to ask if I paid for holes in these pants?"  Truth be told, I like the "I just got caught in a wicked briar patch" look and so I'm owning it.  They've got some stretch so they fit over the widest part of me, and they're really great quality.

They're a bit more expensive than I would normally pay for jeans, but this saves me the trouble of going out and trying on 15 pairs.  They just arrived at my door!  That's worth the premium.

(The other thing I want to get out of the way is that the very worst part of doing these reviews is the pictures. Therefore, I decided to wear my sleep mask or a hat to block the unimportant face part of the picture so you can focus on the clothes.  Plus, my sleep mask is adorable.)

41 Hawthorn Carson Front-Twist Sleeveless Blouse: $58

Notice my new saucy jeans.  Yes, Dad, I paid for the rips.

My new BFF Blake and I had a conversation about our definition of coral.  I defined it as the "color of my dreams."  Truth be told, this shirt is a little more on the peach side, but I still like it a lot.  She described it as a "pretty pop color."  That's an understatement because I'm pretty sure I actually take on radioactive glowing qualities when I wear it.  But I like it.  It's unlike anything I own, have tried on, or even seen in stores.

Flattering, I know.

Pixley Aislinn Honeycomb Collar Necklace: $32

A better up close shot of the shirt color and THE WORLD'S PERFECT NECKLACE!
I do not have words strong enough to express my love of this necklace.  Surprisingly, I don't consider myself a particularly girly girl when it comes to jewelry.  I like graphic, simple pieces and nothing fluffy.  This necklace hits on all cylinders as far as I'm concerned and I can wear it everywhere.  Even to sleep.  With my cute night mask.

Alternate Apparel Troy Dot Print Racerback Tank: $44

This is where things got tricky.  I like this tank.  I briefly wondered if my breasts might fall out the sides because of the way it was cut, but I got past that.  But at $44 for a basic racerback tank...well that was a little pricey.  But when you buy all 5 items that you're sent, you get a 25% discount.  For my box, that equated to over $62.  So I essentially got this for free by loving the other 4 items.  And I'm ok with that because I definitely liked the general vibe of this tank.

To answer your burning question: I'm drinking an Angry Orchard Apple Ginger Cider.
I debated mentioning this, but Bestie Blake said in her note to me that I came off as edgy and adventurous to her.  She's so great.  Anyway, her interpretation of edgy is a galaxy print...which is what this is.  And I like it.  But I'm not sure I'll ever look at it and not think of little boy underwear from 1985.  Not that I wore little boy underwear or ever saw any of it...but that's the first thing that came to mind.  Weird, right?  Whatever.  You were thinking it too and now we can both have a laugh next time we sip moscato together and I'm wearing this.

And finally:

Le Sample Kahlo Embroidered Solid Tank: $48

Yes, that is a sombrero and yes, that's the best way I could think of posing with it.

So pretty, right?!  It's a little longer than a lot of the shirts I wear, but it doesn't COMPLETELY cover my money maker.  (JK you guys, I'm not a prostitute.)  The detailing on the front is just...lovely.  It's the only way I can describe it.  And the back has that racerback cut so it's flattering on the back side, too.  

Don't forget, Nick helps run this blog too..  

And that, as they say, is a wrap.  I have to check out tomorrow so if you have any major issues with any of the things I'm keeping, let me know.   Via pigeon carrier.  It's my preferred method of communication.

I'll definitely be fixing again in the future but think I might give my brain and my budget a rest for a while.  You should try it out though.  If only to give yourself a legitimate excuse to wear a sombrero around your house.