Sunday, August 5, 2012

Oh, we back.

Sup?  It's been a while but a lot has happened (namely, my deciding that I'm going to start using "sup" as a greeting) and we figured a catch up post was in order.   And in an effort to win Cliche Blog of the Year, we've got good news and bad news.  I always like the bad news first to end things on a high note.  So here we go...

A lot of you have been asking us what the deal is on the house.  Well, we had a big exciting day of bartering and counter offers. My HGTV-esque latte pumped feverishly through my veins as we wheeled and dealed.   Going into offer day, Husbo and I had decided on a number in our head that we were not going to go over that first day.  By day's end, there was still a moderate difference in our initial price limit and what the seller wanted. With the cost discrepancy before us, we reluctantly stuck to our guns and decided to walk away for 30 days to see if time would help motivate the seller to come down a bit more while we decided how much more we were willing to pay.

Don't act like you're not impressed with this graphic.

We realized there was risk involved in this decision and it was a major bummer to have all this build up without sealing the deal...but we knew it was the right choice at the time.

Fast forward two weeks.  While sitting in a car en route to Salt Lake City (more on that later), I joked aloud that I should probably check to make sure our house hadn't sold.  Through the magic of the iPhone, I pulled up our listing and...

Some buttheads bought our house.

(I apologize for the strong language but it's how I felt at the time.)  Yes, we knew this was a possibility.  Yes, it's totally logical that the seller would agree to sell OUR house to someone else if they offered more money for it.  But it didn't make it sting any less.

There is always the chance that during this contingency period that the buyers will back out, or their loan might not go through, or they mysteriously disappear (joking).  But the better likelihood is that we're staying where we are.

Which is a good thing.

We love where we live right now.  We stumbled upon this house not actively looking to buy and so we've got no complaints about staying in our sweet pad.  But there's a different plan for us than what we thought...and we're ok with that.

But enough about that.  On to the good news.  One of the things that softened the blow of Housegate 2012 was that we were on VACATION when I got the news.  As many of you probably picked up on via or Instagram, Husbo and I took a 10 day vacay that started with a flight into San Francisco and ended with a 7 day drive cross-country with two of our best amigos, Ethan and Carla.

For any of you that don't know me that well, I'm what some might call...long-winded.  I also love to make photo albums documenting our trips.  So the rest of this post is just a teaser to the three part series you can expect in the coming week.  But as an introduction, let me give you a rundown on the cast of characters and the general plot line.

Here are your headliners:

Tune in as she continues to "Lunge Across America."

Nick aka Husbo.  
Do we ever finish filming his boy band video?

Carla aka "Ashley" or Lady Hambone.
Will she continue to look beautiful and patient even as the morons behind her pose and twirl for the passerby traffic?

And finally:

Ethan aka: Hambone, Taco, Nathan, Barefoot Contessa (or "BC"), Jeans McQueen, The Most Nicknamed Man on Earth

Does he really wear jeans the entire trip?  Even whilst hiking shirtless in the desert searching for dinosaur fossils?

Look for plenty more pictures, stories and cliffhangers soon in this three part series:
1) "San Francisco: Where the Best Friends are Lovely but the Cupcakes are Not."
2) "The Mountain States: Can We Believe John Denver?"
3) "The Rest of the Trip: Get Us Out of Kansas."

We got back late last night and 3/4 of our car was pretty bummed to be home but luckily, I love Raleigh enough for all four of us.  We had a lot of fun and even though vacations are, it's good to be back.

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