Tuesday, May 27, 2014

StitchFix #3: My Journey in Style Growth

Brace yourselves as you're about to see a lot of pictures of me in the bathroom.

I should rephrase that. You're going to see me taking pictures in the bathroom.

Okay, strike that.

Nick wasn't here, so I had to take my own pics and we only have one full length mirror in the house.  So in an attempt to kill two birds with one stone, you can get a sneak peek of what our guest bathroom looks like. It is currently painted a weird shade of green that casts a creepy shadow on all the outfits. 

The box was scheduled to arrive on Friday, and we were leaving town for the holiday weekend on Thursday evening. I, of course, had a mini panic attack knowing it would be sitting waiting for me for four days.  Being the impatient person that I am, I looked online to see what I had been sent. Nick calls this cheating, I tell him to bite me. They don't actually show you pictures of what they've sent, they just list the items. Have they sent dresses? Shirts? Accessories? I had to know.

I skimmed the list and immediately my eyes were drawn to one particular item.

Under Skies Lora Embroidered Denim Vest.

Exsqueeze me?  Baking powder?  Had I somehow reverted to my sixth grade self, obsessed with bedazzlers? Was I a gay cowboy? Was I some long lost member from The Outsiders?

Extremely puzzled by the choice, I instantly turned to Pinterest for help. Was this a thing? Were people wearing denim vests?

It turns out, they are.

I found some pinspiration that felt modern and fresh.

Look at the versatility!

I can easily carry it into the cooler seasons.

I will never be as cool as Gwen Stefani but a denim vest is a good start.

So that was it.  I was going to keep that vest.  I was excited.  I was ready.  BRING IT ON. 

Four excruciating days later, we returned home and the box was mine to open.  One thing I hadn't done well in the past was styling the clothes in the box the way they suggested.  I couldn't see the forest for the trees.  So I took a bit of time to pull out shoes, pull out jewelry and really get a feel for the clothes.  I was already evolving stylistically.  Stacy London would be proud.

I get by with a little help from my friends.

I already liked her b/c I like chicks named Blake.  Plus, she talks like me.

First of course, is the denim vest.

This is my "not bad" face.

The embroidery detail.  Which you may never see due to my crazy hair.

Ok, I might just be convinced.
I was pleased with the way it looked and imagined the different ways I was going to wear it.  And then I looked at the price.  IT WAS THE MOST EXPENSIVE ITEM IN THE BOX!  At $68 it seemed a little too much for a trend.   A quick search of Target.com found me a vest at less than half the cost.  Will it be as good a quality?  Probably not.  But it turns out I wasn't as brave as I'd thought because I just couldn't commit.

Moving on.

41Hawthorn Marie Abstract Chevron Elastic Waist Dress

Please believe, it is super awkward taking pictures of myself.  I don't understand how or why people take legitimate selfies.

A close up of the pattern/color.  I'd say this is pretty accurate.

I love the way this dress fits.  And the shape.  I could wear this to work in the summer (which is always hard to find something cool that's work appropriate).  And I can put a denim jacket with it and dress it down well into the fall season.  Here's the thing: I don't know that I love this pattern.  I'm not a baby pink person so the color is kind of throwing me.  And the pattern is so abstract.  Which is totally counter to my preference for structure.  Who knew I was so straight laced?  But perhaps I should be pushing my style limits here.  Looking at the pictures, I wouldn't say the colors are particularly flattering on my pasty complexion.  

Readers' input required.  It's $58.  What do you think?  I need your honesty.  And some doughnuts, if you're in a particularly giving mood.

On to a piece I am definitely keeping, the Papermoon Sadie V-Neck Embroidery Detail Tank.

It's loose fitting (and therefore forgiving around my post-Carter midsection) and it's my power color.  You have one.  I have one.  It's the color you wear and know you are rocking.  I was pleased as punch when I saw this in the box and the fit sealed the deal for me.

Detail @ the V.  I'm absolutely telling people I hand stitched this.
My cat digs it.

I used to be heavy into cross-stitching back in elementary and middle school (which makes my denim vest wearing make more sense now, I'm sure) and so part of me has a soft spot in my heart for the detail on this shirt.  At $48, it's versatile enough to work in a variety of places in my life.

Now to something that absolutely didn't work. The $54 41Hawthorn Franklin Striped Side Gathered Short Sleeve Shirt.  If you'll remember from my previous posts, I specifically said I didn't want striped pieces.  They were too reminiscent of my maternity clothing and this one was just that, in more ways than one.  I actually thought this was a maternity shirt when I first pulled it out.


Child, please.
I mean, does this, or does it not look almost exactly like the maternity shirt I wore when Nick and I took our "We Love Raleigh" pictures?  Only fuglier and more striped?

I have to say I was really disappointed to get this one.  But we all make mistakes and sweet Blake was just off base on this one.  It's kind of a shame you don't get the same stylist each time.  I realize that would be super hard to make happen since they have so many customers but the consistency of one stylist might have helped avoid this disaster of epic proportions.  (No, I'm never accused of speaking in hyperbole.  Why do you ask?)  Needless to say, this biotch was stuffed back in the return bag immediately.

And finally, the Daniel Rainn Hydie Geo Print Crochet Detail Blouse.  At just $34, this one was quite promising as the modern pattern and color combo of corally red, black and aqua was right up my alley.
I got tired of seeing my own face.  Crop tool activated.
The crochet detail at the shoulders and back was borderline hooker.  But I was ready to take that risk.
The problem was the size.  It was a small, but it definitely fit wide and loose.  As in, I looked a bit like a flying squirrel when I lifted my arms.  And it was even worse when I turned to the side.

Could I easily hide the fact that I'd eaten an entire Easter ham all by myself? Sure.  But is that really what stylish wardrobe is about? If I had loved the other 4 pieces and this was a border piece that, with the discount, would have been free...then yes, I would have worn it.  Maybe tried to belt it or something.  But as it stands, I'm only keeping the turquoise tank.  Unless a surprising number of people I trust actually like the dress, too.

So was it the best box?  No, not really.  But I legitimately think I grew a little in my style boundaries as I considered things I'd never pick up in the store.  And I did keep something I really do love.  And the whole process is still super fun to me.  I totally intend to order another fix for next month.  You oughta do the same and tell me how it goes.   I love reading other people's reviews.  

So that concludes this Fix review.  Now if you'll excuse me, I have a ham to tend to.  


  1. Hey Sarah, Sorry that you couldn't find more pieces to match your style. Yes looking at your blog really does help us as stylists. I love seeing how the pieces fit and how much you enjoy or do not enjoy them (your expressions are classic), I really like to know my clients. Yes you can ask for a specific stylist. And if youll have me I would love to give it another go! just ask for me by name "Blake Pierce" in your fix request notes <3

  2. Oh... and you referred to me as sweet... gotta say, that was "sweet".

  3. So I found you by total chance, Goodling for pictures of that "power color" tank... and then your blog made me laugh... and then I saw that you live in Raleigh, and I LIVE IN RALEIGH... and now I'm using way too many awkward ellipses to say I kinda want to get to know you.

    I apologize for channeling MySpace circa 2002, but it feels like a cool local person fell in my virtual lap!

    1. Hey fellow Raleigh-ite! Is that what we're called? Regardless, congrats on living in the greatest city on earth.

      So glad you stumbled upon our weird rambling of a blog. You're our 7th reader! (I kid.). We live downtownish and are always looking to hang out with cool dudes. So long as you're in to early bedtimes and excessive amounts of slice and bake cookies.

      Email me!