Monday, November 10, 2014

An Exercise in Futility.

So I got my fifth StitchFix in the mail earlier today.  I knew it was on the way (aka I'd been tracking the shipment on my phone like a maniac) and debated in my mind whether or not I'd write a post about it.  It's a lot of work, ya know?  Trying on the clothes, taking pictures, downing a half bag of Oreos, writing captions and opinions, trying to figure out how Nick's FREAKING Mac works, researching hilarious GIFs that are relevant to my thought process, all whilst trying to be mildly entertaining...

But I love gettin' my Fix on.  And I want the whole world (ahem, six of you) to know it.

A few good friends suggested I keep it short.  HA.  Maybe they aren't that good of friends because brevity is a skill I've yet to master.  Worth a shot though, right?

Oh, and as I've alluded to in the past, the "taking pictures of yourself wearing clothes" part is very awkward for me, so my strategy this go round is to photoshop pictures of gals I've been told I resemble on to my body.  (Full disclosure: Nick is amazing at graphics.  He does it as part of his job.  But I didn't want to ask him to do this for me so I'm totally handling this on my own.  Brace yourself for some pretty horrible mutations.)

My girl Blake styled me again and in her note mentioned a few things that she sent would pair well with the Kenzie jeans I got in my last fix.  (By the way y'all, I wear those jeans like...errrrrry day.  I lurve them.)  I scheduled this Fix a while back thinking I could use a punch of fun as fall rolled around.  Little did I know that I'd be knee deep in home renovation stuff (a post coming later this week about that!) so our expendable cash, like always, was slim.  So most of my decisions are monetary but that won't stop me from spilling my unfiltered thoughts all over your screen.

Pomelo Avah Chevron Print Dolman Sleeve Top as modeled by Nancy Kerrigan

While I very much like the shape and fit of this top, when I looked in the mirror, this is what I saw:

Last I checked, Easter Egg Sexy wasn't a style trend.  If you're interested in starting a new movement, let me know.  I might reconsider.

Fate: Livy Zipper Pocket Open Drape Blazer as modeled by Jessica Biel

I loved this blazer.  I don't really love coats (I know that's a weird thing to say, but it's true) and this one was really amazing.  It was versatile and different.

I would have bought it in a heart beat but the sleeves were too tight.  This is one of the rare occasions that something has not fit me well.  Usually they're pretty good about finding the right sizes for you but they can't all be winners.  If I wasn't quickly losing feeling in my fingers when I bent my elbows, it would have wound up in my closet.

Market and Square Earl Lace Detail Knit Top as modeled by Megan Draper

Ok, things are starting to get weird here but go with it.

Can you believe I've never had any photoshop training?

Imagine the softest thing you've ever touched.  A baby rabbit.  A cloud.  Pudding skin.  Now listen to me when I tell you, this shirt is softer than all of those things.  And with some lace detail to boot?  GIRL YOU CRAY.

Here's where the penny pincher in me ruled the day.  This shirt, while something I would probably wear a lot, was $54.  And something about a heather gray shirt that cost more than my gas bill last month rubbed me the wrong way.  So while the style and fit were spot on, the trifecta was broken when it came to dolla bills.  Womp womp.

Kut from the Kloth Danny 5-Pocket Knit Pant as modeled by me as I have yet to have anyone tell me my butt resembles a celebrity.  Yet.

Stretchy, colorful and fits well.  How's that for concise?  GIVE HER AN AWARD, PEOPLE!

Pixley Josie Sequin Elbow Patch Cardigan as modeled by Liv Tyler

Probably a more accurate color rendition.
 Oh, a plain ol' grey cardigan?  Yawn.  But wait!

SEQUINS!  Y'all, I squealed when I opened the box and saw this.  Everyone knows my favorite color is sparkle.  I'm totally that girl who wore tutus and sequins and sparkles all over everything when I was younger and the adult version of me would lie, murder and steal to find an appropriate way to incorporate it into my current wardrobe.


So that's the abbreviated story of my fifth fix.  If you missed my first four...well, just go back and search for them.  Consider it your workout for the day.  

And if you're interested in a Fix of your own, click here to get started. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions, too.  I may answer them in a funny accent or Pig Latin, but that's just because I'm hopped up on Oreos.  Turns out doing all those weird celebrity head graphics called for a whole bag.


  1. HA HAAAA! I love your photoshopping, the Easter egg & the Chris Farley reference! You had me laughing like a lunatic alone in my office. I get stitchfixes too. What do you write to them because the stuff you got is so much better than the crap they keep sending me. I know I'm short and stout like a teapot, but the style seems so off in my case. I would have loved everything in your fix except the chevron shirt.

    1. I actually just send my blog post as feedback and once I found a stylist that was pretty good, I kept requesting her. It helps for her to build on past fixes to get it right.

      Though it's entirely possible that I'm so enamored with the whole novelty that I've tricked myself into believing I'm more fashion savvy than I really am and these pieces I buy make me look like a lunatic. Potato, po-tah-to.

  2. I love that blazer! But what's the brand? I can't find anything about a company called "Livy" anywhere...