Tuesday, September 15, 2015

If you can't stand the heat, get out of our newly renovated kitchen.

Well this is it. The final kitchen post. It's gonna be picture heavy, but we did promise to share what we learned as well. So here goes.

Remember what we moved in to? A tiny wall oven, drawers and doors that wouldn't open unless the dishwasher was open, a washing machine in the kitchen with the dryer in another room (which we covered here), and some very shiny wood paneling. You'll see the pictures below.

Yeah, everything worked. But it could use some major updating.

Renovations are hard work. Get help - friends, family, anyone you can get. We had all of the above, and couldn't not have done it without them. Call in professionals when you need to. They are professionals for a reason. Usually. Sometimes they are tile installers and you're better off doing it yourself.

Go ahead and accept the fact that your floors aren't level. Your walls aren't square either, by the way. Make a schedule and stick to it. But you'll discover things along the way and that schedule will go out the window. Also try not to break any windows unless you really mean to. You're gonna mess up, and that's ok.

Now what you all came for, the picture show!  (Disclaimer: there is so much natural daylight that comes in that it makes the photos crazy wonky.  So we took the pictures at night.  With our iPhones.  (Are you officially prepared to be underwhelmed?) That being said, you're better off coming for a visit.  Which we would welcome!)

We did it, TLC. We went chasing waterfalls - because rivers and lakes are gross.

And now for some details...

Interior side with the big drawer fronts. Stay tuned for more details!
Oh yeah that's a drawer WITHIN a drawer. Jealous?
Range and hood... that we had to custom cut because of our sloped ceiling.
Oh what's up integrated panel dishwasher! Have you been hiding there this whole time?
Under sink storage - which also required a custom cut because of the sink plumbing.
More hidden drawer storage above the trash and recycling.

Remember when the washing machine was in this corner? Me neither.
Sarah's got a bit of obsession with Raleigh-themed art.
Where priss meets punk - old show flyers done in a style that matches the kitchen.
View from the den, complete with patterned stairs.

So there's our renovated kitchen. We still have 2 bathrooms to do, and a lot of exterior landscaping/patio/deck stuff planned once we get settled with Mini Sarah, but this is probably the biggest thing we'll have tackled in our DIY careers. And we're done. I don't hate it.


  1. looks awesome!

    Can I ask your source of a few things?
    1. chandelier over the dining table
    2. dining room rug


    1. 1. Y-Lighting (George Nelson Bubble Lamp)
      2. RugsUSA. Literally thousands upon thousands of choices!

  2. AWESOME!!! Can't wait to see what y'all do next! Well done!