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It's nursery reveal day!  I's probably way later than you were expecting considering P-Nut is due in about 2-1/2 weeks but we've been busy.  Busy with fun things, but busy for sure.  Namely a couple more baby showers to celebrate our little dude.  Let's take a quick moment to marvel at the adorable food display from the shower my mom's friends threw:

As if fruit could be more appetizing.

What can I say?  They know me.
Baby butt!
But on to the meat of this post.  We have finally "completed" the nursery.  


*Disclaimer: there is no room in our house that I would actually consider complete.  I keep a running to-do list of things around the house I want to change/add/redo.  It's made my ability to nest virtually impossible. All that to say, while I'm excited to share our "final" nursery images...there's still a secret list of things I still want to do that I'll be working on over the course of our living in this house.  I call it a secret list b/c not even Nick is aware of all the items.  God gave me the most patient and helpful husband on earth...but even he isn't ready for all my DIY jelly.

Luckily for you people, this will be a heavy picture post and not a lot of my typical yammering (even though I like to keep my yammering cheeky and fun...much like my shenanigans.)

It is fun to look back on the original plan to see how we compared.   For those of you too cool to click the link, let's see that all important before picture.
And now that same

Feel free to lick the screen.
One of the mini-projects we tackled since we last posted: the side tables and lamps.  If you'll remember what they looked like before:

We got a quart of free paint from Ace Hardware (on free paint day!) and Nick sanded and painted the side tables a softer grey color.  The black was never going to work against the navy and they were much too traditional looking.  When brainstorming a new drawer pull, his sexy self came up with the genius idea of using a guitar volume knob.  A quick walk across the street with $5 in hand and he came home with two.  Cheaper than any specialty hardware knob and much more original. 

From Husbo's Instagram account, @minor_trout.
While I love the shape of the lamps, I was not on board with the shiny chrome finish.  Polished chrome actually works well in the vintage-type vibe we were throwing down in this nursery but it wasn't working in this little vignette. 
See what I mean?
So while most people are finding old brass lamps to spray paint a fun bright color...or even to a silver, I went the opposite direction and painted them brass.  

MUCH BETTER.  Am I right, ladies?
The brass looks so much warmer against the navy walls and highlights the color of the guitar knobs now.  

The other big addition was the bed comforter.  I can't tell you how many places I searched for the perfect comforter.  Brick and mortar stores, every website you can imagine...none of them had what I wanted.  The criteria was: fun, colorful, playful and not too baby-ish.  Since this room will still double as a guest room, and I'm not into the crazy baby vibe, I wanted it to be youthful and still fit into our vintage sophisticated vibe.

Enter Ebay.  I posted this teaser on my Instagram feed a few weeks back when she arrived.

Some of you may be familiar with Orla Kiely as she has a truncated line of some soap bottles and other crap at Target.  I actually did not know this until after I bought the comforter but am not surprised she's hitting the main stream b/c she's fabulous.  She hit all the requirements of my "perfect comforter" checklist.

Some simple white jersey sheets we had on hand finished that sucker off and we called it a day.  

Another reason it took so long to call this room complete was all the organization that takes place preparing for a new human being to be in your house.  Clothes, blankets, diapers, wipes, feeding tools, etc.  It all needed a place to go and we have minimal storage as it is.  The dresser we bought off Craigslist got a crisp coat of white paint on top to help it stand off from the dark walls and tie into the trim and quickly became an organization hub for a lot of those items.

Humidifier, noise machine and monitor to the right, secured changing pad to the left.
Everything you'd need to keep that butt happy.

A couple $6 drawer dividers from Ikea keep all his tiny clothes separated by size/type.

And while we've mentioned the art above the changing table, we added a few other pieces as well.  The stencil wall was always designed to stand on its own as a focal piece.  But above the bed, we framed a few vintage NC State Football programs from a calendar our friend Tolga gave us for Christmas a couple years ago.  

On the other side of the room, with the nursery chair of the century, we hung another vintage-inspired piece from my BFF, Crissy.

And for anyone that remembers my love of all things Raleigh, this was the perfect child-friendly version of my addiction.

And while I'm sure there are still plenty of other smaller items I'm forgetting to mention, I'll go ahead and throw my "pregnancy brain" card on the table and trump all y'all fools.  I'll leave you with a few last delicious shots of the room and go fix myself some lemonade. 

And at the end of the day, if my worst nightmare comes true and his little baby penis has grown up inside his body since his 18 week ultrasound and he's actually a girl...well at least the room is still semi-gender neutral.

(Bet you didn't think I'd end the post like that, huh?)

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